Ensure Your Workplace is Safe

Need to ensure your workforce is safe and virus free?

It is not always possible for employees to work from home. What if they work in a factory environment or any workplace where it is hard to socially distance at all times?

Fit2FlyUK Ltd. and 15 Minute Covid Test are committed to helping to get the UK’s workforce back to work. The sooner we can do this, the sooner our economy can recover.

We can now provide reliable, safe and scalable on-site Antigen Rapid Testing at your premises.

Our unique 15 minute COVID antigen and antibody testing strategy enables us to implement a rapid response to COVID-19 for both the general public and businesses alike.


The current Government led PCR testing regime is currently under great strain and will be subject to additional pressure as the winter months close in.  Therefore, as a company our belief is that rapid testing can provide scalable solutions and ease the burden on the already stretched NHS. The ability to screen for both presence of viral RNA in the airway and antibodies (IgG) in blood offers a practical on- site or mobile regime for COVID-19 screening.

The Antigen Swab test consists solely of a nasal swab. It is the only 15 minute Antigen currently available in the UK. The Antigen Swab Test is performed by fully trained and insured operatives, ensuring accurate results and safeguarding against cross contamination. 


Existing self-administered home testing swab kits provided by other suppliers, leave a great deal of room for user error and cross contamination and thus making results unreliable and inaccurate.  Our unique services are one three testing processes that meet government guidelines and our tests are CE approved and have been purchased in large quantities by HM Government themselves. 


Our testing kits have also been awarded the highest accuracy rating in the UK (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/assessment-and-procurement-of-coronavirus-covid-19-tests/lateral-flow-devices-results)

Fit2FlyUK are proud to be recognised as an official provider of Covid 19 testing by the UK Government. 


The changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge for society and businesses. There is no aspect of life that has been unaffected. 


Rapid 15 minute Covid tests are helping Britain respond to this once-in-a-century pandemic by supplying the necessary testing services that people and businesses need to safely and confidently return to life and work. 


Our purpose is to give you some certainty in an uncertain time.  


Claire and Kim at Fit2FlyUK would love to help you take the stress and strain out of getting your  business back up and running and compliant with new government guidelines and your workforce feeling safe on their return to the workplace.  


Our tests are regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the laboratories we use are UKAS-accredited for quality assurance to ISO 15189 and UKAS Quality Assurance (Molecular Pathology and Genetics) standards.


We are fully trained and insured to provide onsite safe, secure testing, we wear full PPE and dispose of all clinical waste using a sustainable, compliant and reliable secure collection service. 


We would love to discuss any questions you may have and work with you on requirements and price. 

Email - hello@fit2flyuk.com

Telephone -

Claire 07702 608668 

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