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Use our reliable, safe testing services to ensure that you are COVID-free. 

Rapid Antigen Swab Test with Immediate Fit to Fly Certificate 


Fast Results

Antigen swab tests 15 minutes.

Antibody tests 10 minutes. 
PCR tests 48, 24 hours or same day.

Test to Release PCR 


Travel Certificate

Many airlines now insist on a Fit To Fly certificate.

Our testing can provide reliable and accurate testing with same-day certification.



Fit2FlyUk has two locations


Harlow - 20 mins from Stansted Airport Islington - 15 mins from City Airport


Mobile and Out of Hours service 

Protect Lives

Save Livelihoods

As a company, Fit2FlyUK and 15 Minute Covid Test are passionate and committed to assisting the UK workforce and economy return to a sense of normality. We aim to achieve this by making private COVID-19 tests both accessible and affordable to all UK workers and general public.

Our tests are independently sourced and therefore do not have a detrimental impact to the NHS with regards to testing capacity and capabilities. Furthermore, the provision, affordability and accessibility of private testing actually alleviates the burden currently being placed on the NHS and it’s COVID-19 related services.

Our tests are NOT DESIGNED FOR SELF HOME USE. It is imperative that all tests, to include any swab testing, are carried by fully trained and insured medical operatives. This is why ALL of our tests will include an initial telephone consultation and the test itself is carried out by our expert testing staff at one of our franchised COVID-19 secure facilities.

Need to travel abroad? We offer Fit to Fly certificates as proof that you have had a test to travel – undergone an antigen swab test and passed within a certain time frame of departure. 


For more information or to book please email


Call Claire 07702 608668 or Kim 07949 885267 

Coronavirus Tests Available

Antigen Rapid

Swab Test

15-minute Antigen nasal test.

Prices from £24.99

With Fit to Fly Certificate £44.99

PCR Test 24hr

PCR throat & nose swab test.

Prices from £199

Test to Release -Day 5 PCR Test

PCR throat and nose swab test sent to Lab.

Prices from £169

PCR Test- Same Day 

PCR throat & nose swab test.


Prices from £239

Antibody Blood Test

10-minute blood test that effectively detects the presence of these antibodies.


Prices from £19.99


PCR throat & nose swab test.


Prices from £279

Picking up Prescriptions

Fit To Fly Certificate

Many airlines now insist on a Fit To Fly certificate. Our testing can provide reliable and accurate testing, facilitating those all-important family holidays.


Receive your results within 15 minutes with a same-day certification service.


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